Chander Mehra’s novel JIHAD REDISCOVERED (Publish America, USA) is likely to be banned in Pakistan, according to a Habib Bank Zurich executive in Nairobi, Kenya, who requests anonymity.

The main character in the novel, headstrong Indian wordsmith Hari Rai, contends that Pakistan was illegitimately-born on the basis of the fallacious two-nation theory of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan “who was himself a convert from Hinduism.

:Gandhi and Nehru should never agreed to India’s partition. They should be held responsible for the largest human haemorrage in history and slaughter of a million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims,” said the chief editor of Verdict Today, the newspaper which prided itself onbeing free, fair, fearless, forthright and first.

Hari Rai was pursuing his scoop of the century about the proclivities and propensities and the carnage culture of Jihad.


About chandermehra

Age 76, Indian, author. Last book JIHAD REDISCOVERED, an explosive novel published in June 2010 by Publish America, Maryland, USA. The novel has been banned in Pakistan and Libya.
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